5 year Anniversary Special

WOW! 2022 marks the 5 year Anniversary for Fiddlehead Quiltz!!

Pease enjoy the special until end of August 2022.

Thank you for your support.

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Welcome 2018!

So many plans for this year! It’s going to be a Tula Pink kind of year! Plans are to start various Tula Pink projects, the first is the all encompassing Dear Jane quilt made with a variety of Tula Pink fabrics, including both current and out of print fabrics. I ‘ve been collecting ever so slowly, the out of print fabric is expensive. The Dear Jane quilt has been on my To Do List for many years, now that I finally decided which fabric to use, it’s full gear in motion. Plan is to complete this quilt by end of this year, fingers crossed.

Other Tula Pink projects will be the Tula Nova quilt, 1000 mile quilt using the Holiday Homies jelly roll, Catnip quilt, Fandango quilt, Dreamcatcher quilt, Wayfinder quilt, Hanging Out with the Homies quilt, and Xmas 2017 quilt. That’s a long list, I hope I make a dent in it for sure. In the meantime here is a picture of my recent Tula Pink finish, I just need to quilt and bind it now.


holiday homies

This free pattern is from the weallsew.com website..

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Row by Row

Yesterday I participated in the Row by Row experience, my first ever. It is mainly designed for travellers to visit quilting shops in places they visit. Quilters collect a free row pattern from shops and sew the rows together and make a quilt, or, just sew the row individually for a wall hanging, table runner for example. Kits are also available for purchase. I decided to do a Row by Row locally and visit local quilt shops which I never visited in the past. This was amazing experience. I found shops that I never new existed. I travelled all the way to Chilliwack, and worked my way back to Coquitlum, visiting every shop. My unlucky traveller/driver who came with me was my hubby, I told him at least we were spending quality time together, actually really think he enjoyed this experience. 🙂 I still need to check out quilt shops in the Ladner/Delta area and of course Vancouver and Burnaby. This shall be done within the next few weeks hopefully. I also managed to pick up a Janome 500e, embroidery machine from one of the quilt shops, squeal, that was a surprise gift from hubby. I recommend taking your better half with you for this if you decide to do this Row by Row.

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Progress Report

What am I currently working on? There is this one secret project which I am unable to speak about yet, it’s going to be amazing. I will post asap. 🙂

Also working on second collection of Welcome Quilts (refugee quilts). I’m having so much fun getting these quilts done. I will post pictures of these very soon.

Canada 150 quilts, traditional and modern versions, sure can’t wait to show these quilts. Here is the link for the Maple Leaf Forever quilting pattern from Northcott.

And the one from Lorna Costantini, Canada 150 quilt.



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O Canada!

This is Canada’s 150th Birthday year! Oh Canada! A sesquicentennial year, try saying that a few times. Not only is a year of celebration, it is also the time for reflection on the treatment of our First Peoples of Canada. Reconciliation.

We enjoyed the day with friends and family for BBQ, good times had by all. Aren’t these cupcakes glorious for a celebratory day? Delicious indeed!

Decorating ideas can be found here.



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Sewing Machine

Happy Sewing Machine Day!!!!


This is my main machine I use for piecing, I have several though. What is it with quilters and sewers, we seem to accumulate machines and fabric as if there is no tomorrow! I was working on my giant (king) size quilt, which I have completed and am using on my bed. Finally, says the old hubster, he’s only ever wanted one since forever (for the king bed), well since I started to quilt.

Here is a picture of the plus quilt. Inspiration is from Stina. She posted an easy to follow tutorial on the plus quilt here, (the best plus quilt pattern I have seen).


The quilting pattern , Water Drops is from SunStone Quilting and Designs This is a fabulous modern quilting design. It comes in two densities, one which is less dense and looks great on smaller quilts. Natalia Majors is one of several, wonderful modern quilt pattern designers.


Before I leave this post, here is another one of my machines, one of five featherweights. (I will not buy any more featherweights – let’s see how long this will last!)


20170303_124145Notice the Remembrance Poppies quilt pattern on the machine table, I will be making this quilt later this fall, in time for Remembrance Day, if all goes well. Enjoy. 🙂



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I will be adding all the quilts I have completed to date, over the course of the next few days and update any pics from the last few years.

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Refugee (Welcome) Quilts

During the winter months of 2017, three quilters came together and started to assemble a collection of quilts for refugees. Through generous donations from local quilters the task to move this project forward ensued. All three of us belong to a private longarm group and met via the group to start this endeavour. Each one of owns a Gammill Statler Longarm computerized quilting machine and we completed the quilts using our machines. It was a fun and rewarding project.

Here are some picture of quilts donated in May 2017.

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Gammill Statler Cruise 2017

I went on the first cruise put on by Gammill for Statler owners, between May 14 to May 21. The cruise was fantastic! I met so many wonderful people and of course, Paul and Mildred Statler. Meeting them was the highlight of the cruise for me. I took classes on the cruise which were informative and will help me take my Statler to new limits. I loved learning about Creative Studio 7, the latest software upgrade for the Statler system.

We sailed from Galveston Texas, to Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel. The temperature was amazing, considering we went from a rain forest to the tropics. Sights and scenery was gorgeous. I highly recommend this cruise.




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Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild – Quilt Show

On Aug 27-28 2016 the VMQG hosted their fist ever quilt show. The venue was held at the Pipe Shop at the shipyards in North Vancouver. What an awesome area to show off the wonderful quilts by members of the guild. The show was a great success, a shout out to all the quilters, volunteers, and members of the VMQG for putting on a superb show.

Here’s a small sampling of the show:

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