I’m back!!!!

Ok, so I’ve been very neglectful of my blog for 2013…wow last entry was Feb 2013! So much has happened in a year. Sold old house, now in a much bigger home with basement to house my Gammill quilting system. I love my new studio! Trip to Malaysia…fantastic…met all my long lost cousins…actually I think my family is the long lost cousins since all our cousins, on mums side, are still in Malaysia. Such a beautiful country…I’ll have to make more trips out there. My Granny passed away, she was 105 years old!! I hope I live and surpass her age….So many wonderful stories of my Granny. I also joined the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild...awesome people…learning loads! I’m also working on quilts again. Work and kids (almost grown up), keep me busy. Sure can’t wait to retire again!
Dear blog, I promise I will keep up with postings this year….there, I did it….now I am committed to keeping up with blogging.
Recently, I joined the Crazy Quilt course offered by Kathy here. It’s going to be fun…especially meeting new people.
Cheers and happy quilting! 😉


About fiddleheadquiltz

Longarm Quilter in Vancouver BC.
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