Book Review

What a busy life! Finally I made time to complete this book review! Book reviews for quilting, or any hobby, are much more interesting than those we had to write in English class. Here’s a quick snap shot of the book:

Brave New Quilts by Kathreen Ricketson, features many informative articles related to the basics of quilting from colour theory, fabric choices, and how to design quilts using modern techniques.  The author incorporates modern art in designing the 12 modern quilts offered in this book.  A brief note on each artistic period is outlined for each pattern.   I recommend this book to all quilters, and readers alike, if you enjoy creating quilts with an out of the box flair.

For those that have difficulty in choosing colour combinations, myself included, many colour schemes are shown in each project.

This Peacock Blue quilt is one that I aspire to make eventually, amongst all my other quilting projects!  I love the different shades of blues and ambers in this quilt.  There is an ample amount of negative space for quilting, yes!
Using texts in quilts, I have a special person in mind for creating a quilt with words.  The author teaches us how to design, and personalize text quilts.

Colour play, design play, and word play are just some of the exciting features of this book. I hope you get inspired and create with this brief book review! 

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