Sewing Machine

Happy Sewing Machine Day!!!!


This is my main machine I use for piecing, I have several though. What is it with quilters and sewers, we seem to accumulate machines and fabric as if there is no tomorrow! I was working on my giant (king) size quilt, which I have completed and am using on my bed. Finally, says the old hubster, he’s only ever wanted one since forever (for the king bed), well since I started to quilt.

Here is a picture of the plus quilt. Inspiration is from Stina. She posted an easy to follow tutorial on the plus quilt here, (the best plus quilt pattern I have seen).


The quilting pattern , Water Drops is from SunStone Quilting and Designs This is a fabulous modern quilting design. It comes in two densities, one which is less dense and looks great on smaller quilts. Natalia Majors is one of several, wonderful modern quilt pattern designers.


Before I leave this post, here is another one of my machines, one of five featherweights. (I will not buy any more featherweights – let’s see how long this will last!)


20170303_124145Notice the Remembrance Poppies quilt pattern on the machine table, I will be making this quilt later this fall, in time for Remembrance Day, if all goes well. Enjoy. 🙂




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