Row by Row

Yesterday I participated in the Row by Row experience, my first ever. It is mainly designed for travellers to visit quilting shops in places they visit. Quilters collect a free row pattern from shops and sew the rows together and make a quilt, or, just sew the row individually for a wall hanging, table runner for example. Kits are also available for purchase. I decided to do a Row by Row locally and visit local quilt shops which I never visited in the past. This was amazing experience. I found shops that I never new existed. I travelled all the way to Chilliwack, and worked my way back to Coquitlum, visiting every shop. My unlucky traveller/driver who came with me was my hubby, I told him at least we were spending quality time together, actually really think he enjoyed this experience. 🙂 I still need to check out quilt shops in the Ladner/Delta area and of course Vancouver and Burnaby. This shall be done within the next few weeks hopefully. I also managed to pick up a Janome 500e, embroidery machine from one of the quilt shops, squeal, that was a surprise gift from hubby. I recommend taking your better half with you for this if you decide to do this Row by Row.

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